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Spanish teacher collects donations to help hurricane victims

Becca Rosado, Social Media Editor

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Spanish teacher Brighitte Snemis is working with Portage staff and students to organize a water, battery and flashlight collection for the victims of Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico.

Snemis just recently helped the Hurricane Harvey victims in Texas along side PHS junior, Sheridan Bickett. Bickett and Snemis helped collect clothing items donated by the students for the victims.

Bickett came to Snemis saying how she wanted to donate clothes but did not know how to go about doing that. So with the help of Snemis, her and Bickett collected clothes donated by the students.

This got Snemis to think of what else she can do to help the victims of all these hurricanes. After Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico, many PHS students that are Puerto Rican had family affected. Snemis saw many students in her class that wanted to do something about it but didn’t know what to do, or had family that were affected and couldn’t do anything about it.

Snemis came up with the plan of getting the school to start collecting items that Puerto Rico is in deep need for, including clean water and some source of power for the night.

Puerto Rico does not have any clean water or electricity, and it could stay that way for months, according to the San Juan Mayor. Because of this, Snemis decided that PHS should focus on sending things that Puerto Rico needs. She hopes that many students will donate and help those affected by it.

She is working on getting the other schools in Portage to help contribute to Puerto Rico. She hopes that every school will focus on different items such as water, canned food, and clothing so the items being sent out will all be helpful and universally used.

There will be more updates on the progress of the donations as time comes. Check PHSPress.org for more updates on the issue.

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Spanish teacher collects donations to help hurricane victims