Girls’ cross country uses team bond to finish season strong

Evan Gerike, Managing Editor

The girls’ cross country team finished this season with a semi-state appearance.
With a lot of inexperience coming into this season, the team knew they would have to work hard to make it even this far.

While the team didn’t have the best physical abilities around, their bond helped them exceed expectations.

“Almost all of our returning runners were inexperienced, so we were expecting to have to work harder than we ever had in the past to compete well,” said returning junior runner Bonnie Clancy.

Clancy believes the team worked hard but could not perform strongly in meets.

“The team really pushed the pace in practice and improved in that way so much throughout the season, but where we struggled was on the racecourse,” Clancy said. “It barely reflected the effort we gave everyday.”

Even more than the strong performances they brought on the course, the team brought a lot of compassion and teamwork to each other.

“Our team is way smaller than it used to be,”Clancy said. “Even though it hurts us in some ways, I just think it makes everyone a lot closer overall.”

According to Clancy, the team uses each other as motivation to perform better when racing.

“When we race we have to race for each other, and it hurts but we push ourselves for each other,” Clancy said.

For next season, the team plans to capitalize on this mental bond while improving their physical abilities.

“We are planning to go on longer runs and bond more so we will hurt for each other in our races,” Clancy said.

Clancy has a lot of optimism about the future of the team.

“We are still on our way to accomplishing [our goals]. This past season wasn’t quite what we wanted but it was a huge stepping stone to what will be capable of by next year.”