Girls’ swim looks to improve in meets with help from new coaches

Evan Gerike, Managing Editor

The girls’ swim team has been working hard through their first two meets despite the hard changes the have faced with the coaching staff.

The girls have had two meets so far, and have fallen short in both. They lost to Hobart in a close meet, 97-86, and a much better Lake Central team, 134-52.

According to the swimmers, the coaches have been bringing a new attitude to the team.

“Things have been a little hectic with the big switch up, but everyone’s adjusting really well to the change,” said senior swimmer Lea DeYoung. “The new coaches have really helped us a lot so far in practice and meets.”

The results may not be where they want, but the team says the effort has been there. According the DeYoung, the team has been working rigorously at practice.

“We were hoping for better, but we’re working hard at practice everyday to get better,” DeYoung said.

According to junior Erin Burke, practice has involved a lot of work with the new coaches to improve.

“Practices have been a little different as far as focusing on certain techniques everyday,” Burke said. “It has definitely taken a little bit of getting used to, but the new coaches have been awesome so far.”

Burke says the things the new coaches focus on verse the old coaches leave the team with different style practice, but the swimmers have been able to work through the struggles together. This has allowed the team to bond with each other more than years before.

“We’re a lot closer as a group with all we’ve gone through together,” DeYoung said. “All of the girls this year are really motivated to improve their skills as athletes.”