Portage High School HOSA is hosting a blood drive

Jessica Butz, Social Media Editor

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Join Portage High School’s HOSA program and donate blood to the American Red Cross.

Donating during the blood drive gives you the opportunity to participate in the American Red Cross scholarship program. The selected recipients of the scholarship must be graduating seniors and be involved in the blood drive. The amount of scholarship given depends on the number of units collected. The drive is this Friday, December 8th. To participate in the drive, bring your parent consent form, a driver’s license or permit or birth certificate to the East Clinic to make an appointment.

Junior Olivia Wood is apart of HOSA and putting on the blood drive.

“It is important to participate because there is a shortage of blood with all the disasters happening, and one donation saves three lives,” said Wood.

The blood drive is put on to promote awareness save many lives. Many people do not understand the affects that donating blood satisfies. Wood stated that not only does donating save three lives but it is necessary for healing and total body health. It gives a person a chance at recovering to have a normal life.

HOSA students are training to become future health care professions and this opportunity gives us hands on experiences with the American Red Cross.
“My dad donated his blood to give to my aunt who was ill with Sickle-cell anemia,” said Junior Jadon Hearns.

This effort saved his aunt’s life and 2 others.

HOSA head teacher, Mrs. Wilson, has personally been affected by loved ones that have needed blood transfusions due to illnesses such as Leukemia. She has seen the benefits of donating year after year.  
Mrs. Cochran, the representative of the Red Cross, and Mrs. Olson, Director of PTS Nurses, helps to organize this annual event and work hard to allow us to make an event like this happen at PHS.