Girls’ tennis looks towards sectional three-peat

Jamie Valadez, Staff Writer

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Girls Varsity tennis is off to a strong and fun start according to seniors Alyssa Comerford and Cassie Quiroz. Comerford and Quiroz have both been playing tennis for four years. Comerford has been on varsity since last year and enjoys every second on the court.

“One thing I can say about tennis is that as much as I complain, the girls on the team are some of my favorite people and this is one thing I’m definitely going to miss about high school,” said Comerford.

The tennis team has only had one match so far, but according to Comerford and Quiroz the girls are off to a pretty good start. This is Quiroz’ first year on varsity and she is enjoying the change so far.

“So far I would say it’s going pretty good. We’re having a lot of fun and it’s definitely a change from JV to Varsity but I’m really excited for the rest of the season,” said Quiroz.

Both Comerford and Quiroz play doubles, and they both really enjoy their partners. Comerford plays doubles with Senior Jenna Enright and is very content with her.

“I play doubles with Jenna Enright this year, and my favorite thing about competing with her is that we don’t get mad at each other easily and what I’m bad at she’s good at, like playing the net and vice versa,” said Comerford.

Quiroz plays doubles with Senior Ana DeAnda and that is also really enjoyable for her.

“I play doubles with Ana and I love how we can have fun on the court together and I can always count on her to help bring us back up if I mess up and she never gives up a point easily,” said Quiroz.

Comerford and Quiroz both want to beat the big conference teams such as Chesterton, Lake Central and especially Valpo.

“The biggest competition this year is probably valpo because we beat them in sectionals last year, so I know that they’re really going to want to beat us this year,” said Comerford.

Quiroz’ overall goal for the season is to win as many matches as possible and just make it a really fun and memorable year.

“I love getting to play with some of my best friends every day and tennis is actually a really fun sport once you get into it. Even though we lost our old assistant coach, Coach Caverly, our new one Coach Derr has been really cool and helpful for us. Coach Garrison has definitely helped me improve just from the beginning of workouts to now,” said Quiroz.

All together both girls are enjoying their final season on the court with these girls, and they want to make this season one for the books.