Why you should like Kanye as much as Kanye likes Kanye

Sarah Russ, Staff Designer

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“Can Kanye West be any more ridiculous?”

“How self centered can he get?”

“I hate Kanye West with a passion he is just so ignorant to me.”

Twitter can be a hub of negative comments, and popular artist Kanye West is no stranger to the mean tweets. The media paints him in a bad light, causing him to be portrayed as a “jerk”. Putting it all aside, West has actually done a lot of kind things that sometimes go unnoticed. I love Kanye and his music. I have several instances listed that Kanye has been an amazing person, therefore you should love him, too.

There have been a couple times Kanye gave his awards to other artists who fit the category. In 2007 at the BET Hip Hop Awards Kanye won “Video of the Year” for his song, Stronger. After winning, he decided Big Boi and UGK deserved it over himself and presented them with the trophy. Another instance in which Kanye showed his favorable side was in 2008 at the AMA’s. Kanye had just won the award for “Best Rap/Hip Hop Male”when he announced that he wanted to award Lil’ Wayne with the trophy because that year the award belonged to Wayne. Just another time West showed his outstanding sportsmanship. In fact, in an interview with Angie Martinez West goes on to say he doesn’t know where his awards are. He says “I don’t have my awards in my house and stuff. My greatest award is what I’m about to do.”

In 2005 Kanye and his late mother co-founded the Dr. Donda West Foundation. The goal of the foundation was to reduce the number of children and young adults who dropout of school. At first it challenged at-risk students to teach them how to produce music and write while improving their academic abilities. Kanye felt strongly about this because when he was in high school he felt as if the music is what “saved” him and kept him off of the streets and out of trouble. Dr. Donda West Foundation isn’t the only foundation Kanye is a part of. Kanye also is a contributor to Doctors Without Borders, Human Rights Watch, Save the Children and many more.

West thinks more about others than himself contrary to popular belief. When North was born in 2013, Kanye had the genius idea to ask friends and family to send donations to sick children at Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital in Chicago  instead of giving his family baby presents. The funds went toward the Intensive Care Unit to help the most critically ill babies.

Kanye West is very influential whether you like him or not. He made himself who he is today, with the help of his single mother Donda West. Kanye’s first big break was when he sold one of his “beats” to a Chicago artist, then he realized he wanted to produce his own music and not others. His album wasn’t prioritized until 2003 after he was in a car accident that almost killed him. After then, he had a vision then recording “Through the Wire” which was rapped with his jaw literally wired shut, it opened a new direction for rap. From then until present day his music has made millions and hit the top charts. Throughout his career if he wants something he goes and gets it, like in 2005 he announced he would be releasing his Pastelle Clothing line since he then, had a Grammy under his belt. He’s an influential man and a very hard worker because after dropping out of college he has made the most of himself, gathering a $160 million net worth.

Kanye is hated by many for many reasons. The good outweighs the bad with Mr. West in my opinion. West has done many positive things for others, to show he isn’t as “self centered” or “ridiculous” as the media makes him out to be. Kanye is confident, yes, anyone would be if they worked their butt off and became a self-made successor like Kanye West.