Portage ends night school program

Ryan Purnick, Staff Member

Night school services will no longer be offered to students at Portage this year.  

Instead, Technology Rich Individually Based Education, or TRIBE, will be available for students in need of additional help.

TRIBE is offered every day from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. and is held in the old In School Suspension room.  There is bus services to and from the high school for students that would not be able to drive themselves.

It is offered for students who struggle in school or do not have all their credits.  

“By sending [the students] to TRIBE, they can get a grasp of working towards graduation,” said Head Principal Max Gill.

The main reason for the change is that the school did not want two types of programs for the same purpose.  

“[Portage High School]  was doubling up on [programs to help the students] and we wanted to send all the kids to TRIBE,” Gill said.   

Students who show up later in the year are also sent to TRIBE.  For instance, if a student were to show up three weeks after the first day of school, they would be sent to TRIBE so that they could catch up at a pace that works for them.  

Night school is just something that is not needed anymore.  

“[TRIBE] serves as a multifaceted thing for kids besides just night school,” Gill said.

While nighschool is cancelled, there is still after school opportunities for seniors who are in need of credit recovery.

TRIBE seems to be working well so far to better the students.  The change is not something that has had a huge effect on the students or staff.  Without night school, TRIBE will continue to grow and help students who need it.