Teacher in the Spotlight: Lisa Mahaffa

Colin Mackenzie, Social Media Editor

The new Drama teacher at Portage High School, has created a small slice of home in her classroom. Lisa Mahaffa’s unique decor and open concept give students a large space to learn in the Drama class.

Mahaffa graduated from Bethel college with a theater arts degree in 2010, and went back to get a teaching license the last year.

“The wonderful thing about Bethel is that it was very hands on, and you got to learn everything,” Mahaffa said.

Mahaffa tried to get a position in Portage schools because of their reputation and landed the job successfully.

“There was a story about how students bought a teacher special glasses to the previous theater that was here,” said Mahaffa. “It was really rare to see, like you see all these stories of all these teachers talking about pouring into their students lives. Then to see students actively giving back, that is kind of rare.”

When Mahaffa was interviewed for her position in the school, she was surprised  how students were apart of the process.

“When I went into the interview process, there were two students sitting there and to me that meant a lot. That to me meant that this school district is listening to its students, and I feel like there’s a lot of times a disconnect between them.”

Mahaffa’s classroom is  decorated to help her students have a familiar environment. Isabella Seyer, a drama student, feels that home environment.

“She has a couple of couches and comfy seats that we are allowed to sit in, and she says that we can come in whenever we need to and talk to her,” said Seyer. “All teachers say that, but she gives me that gut feeling that …she’s good.”

Mahaffa has begun the thespians auditions early this year. The call out meeting was on Wednesday August 22, the  auditions were on the 23rd, and the callbacks were on the 24th for the fall play of “Ah! Zombies!”.

“Try out for the fall play, and if trying out is not your thing, come support the Thespians when you can.”