Football manager is crowned 2018 Homecoming queen

Ryan Purnick, Staff Member

Megan Gaffney, the youngest of the Gaffney sisters, was voted Portage’s 2018 homecoming queen.  She is extremely thankful for all the love and support she received from friends and family.

Gaffney has been involved in many activities at Portage including band, Natural Helpers, and football as a manager.  She became one of the football managers freshman year and has continued with it throughout her four years in high school.

Gaffney became a football manager because she always wanted to be on the football field in some way.  All of her older sisters were apart of the cheer team and after discovering that she could not be apart of the team, Gaffney decided that becoming manager was her way of allowing herself to be on the field.

“All the relationships I’ve acquired from coaches, managers, and players are ones that I couldn’t have gotten anywhere else.  They don’t just treat me like a manager, they treat me like family,” Gaffney said.

Gaffney has always felt as though she is a member of the team and not just someone who hands players water bottles.  When she first became a manager she had no idea how much football would mean to her.

“As my very last few games are coming to an end I’m very awake and trying to appreciate every moment because before I know it it’ll all be over,” Gaffney said.

When Gaffney is not on the field she enjoys painting, writing poetry, playing Fortnite, and spending time with her friends and family.  After high school Gaffney hopes to attend Ball State University to major in social work.

The road to homecoming queen is not an easy one.  Gaffney represented the Distinguished Young Woman after receiving the most votes within that club.  She then went on to receive the votes to be on the ballot for top five. It was then that the student body voted Gaffney to be crowned homecoming queen.

Gaffney was shocked when her name was called over the speakers at the homecoming game.

“I for sure had doubts.  I was surprised but it all happened so fast it barely processed through my brain,” Gaffney said.

Winning is great but Gaffney gives all the credit to her friends and family.  

“Honestly, winning meant a lot to me because it meant a lot to my friends and family to get me there so it was definitely very special.”

No matter who would have won queen, Gaffney admits she would have been happy either way because everyone deserves the honor.  

There were many hours spent on making posters, shirts, and passing out candy, but in the end was all worth it.