Democrats record big wins among losses

Tori Henderson, Editor-in-Chief

Something big is happening in America. Even if the “blue wave” didn’t come crashing down as hard as Democrats had hoped, they still picked up a number of wins that help settle fears about the future of our country.

Although they couldn’t win back both houses of Congress, taking back the House is a huge step forward for Democrats. Record numbers of women will be serving in the House, many of which are breaking barriers. For the first time, there are a number of Muslim, Native American, and African American women in power in Congress. These Democrats will be taking over committees that have the power to throw out roadblock after roadblock for President Trump. Democrats are one step closer to being able to redraw district lines in 2020.  Democrats finally have a way to put a check on the President and end one-party rule in D.C. Even though many Democrats lost, Democrats as a whole won.

Despite Democrats saying goodbye to a handful of their party members in the Senate, including Indiana’s own Joe Donnelly, these losses can still be considered a win.

Take Texas for example. Texas has gone to the Republicans in the last ten presidential elections—and they weren’t close races. Texas (typically) is not kind to Democratic candidates. The last Texas Democrat to be elected to the senate was Lloyd Bentsen, who resigned shortly after being reelected in 1992 to become Bill Clinton’s secretary of the Treasury. Beto O’Rourke changed that. Beto showed America that even in a deep red state, it was possible for the blue to shine through. With only a 2.6% loss to Ted Cruz, Beto will be leaving his mark in Texas, and America as a whole.

Even if Texas didn’t want Beto, the rest of the country is still swooning over him. With Beto being pushed towards a 2020 presidential run, the lineup of potential Democratic presidential candidates is outstanding. With charismatic and experienced men like Beto and Cory Booker, and powerful and influential women such as Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey fighting to win our country back, the future looks promising for Democrats.

There is still a ways to go for Democrats in the fight for Washington. If we want to take back the White House, we have to learn from our losses, and embrace our wins. We don’t need the seats to show that something big is changing in this country—it’s already happening. We cannot allow the President and his party to keep fueling the hatred and the divide in our country. They may be part of the present, but they are not the future. We cannot stop with this victory. We won the house—that’s a big deal, but there is still so much more to do. If we keep this momentum going, who knows what the next election cycle brings us.