Millennials and Generation Z: affected by social media

KwaTashea Marfo , Editor-in-Chief

With technology growing rapidly, both millennials and Generation Z tend to think they can do whatever they want on social media. However, they fail to realize that there are consequences to their actions.

If you were born beyond the years of 1981, chances are you are familiar with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. With the generation they live in, social media has become a necessary daily activity. According to an article written by Lauren Durfy on July 24 2018, millennials and Generation Z are “digital naives.”

With social media playing a huge role in their lives, there can be positive and negative aspects to it. Positives of social media include: connecting with friends and family, easier ways to access news, and being able to entertain yourself. Negative aspects of social media include: rumors being spread, unrealistic views of others’ lives, and lack of in-person contact.

Since most social media platforms are used daily by both generations, it is easy for someone to misuse social media. Forms of misusing social media include: cyberbullying, cursing, defamation, displaying illegal activities, and threatening an individual. People who misuse social media will have consequences to their actions. For example, when a person threatens another person on social media, it can land them in jail.

Every individual has the ability to control their social media life, but be aware what people post can affect them in the future. The minute they push the post button, they can not take back what they have put on online. When they delete a post, it is not literally deleted. Other people may have seen the post and screenshotted it before it’s physically deleted.

With the use of social media expanding every day, it is important to learn how to limit social media usage and be aware of what is being posted.

Some tips to follow while on social media include: be careful with what you say and how you say or type it, do not use language that can be offensive or taken out of context, and do not threaten people, even if it is in a joking manner.