How to Pop Culture

Colin Mackenzie, Social Media Editor

So, Pop Culture, how does one define it? A dictionary would define it as “popular media we share and love to consume.” I don’t think the dictionary pops the question too well.

To me, Pop Culture is anything that has a good fan base and people can enjoy. Take the shoes people wear: Vans, Nike, Adidas, and other brands. That’s a bit of Pop Culture. I can go on about how every brand you like, rapper or artist you’re listening to on Spotify, even Spotify itself, is a fragment of our modern Pop Culture. It’s kind of dumb.

Pop Culture is a bit like an evolving organism, it goes from one trend to the next. One week you’ll have a group of people obsessing over one thing; give it two weeks to a month and bam, that trend is now irrelevant, consumed by the people who set the trends.

Honestly, I have old trends and music fads that I still listen to, everyone possibly does in secret. Many people treat current trends as something that everyone should follow, and that people who don’t have the right shoes, post on the right social media sites, and play the current hit game are cringe-worthy and deserve to be ridiculed.

I’ll use a game as an example, Epic Games’ Fortnite. My best guess is that around November or December people began to flock to it. It became the game to shatter the entire world with the celebrities such as Drake appearing on a livestream with the popular Fortnite streamer Ninja. Now Fortnite is the next Minecraft of the gaming world, the game that dethroned League of Legends as the most viewed game on Twitch and the ultimate casual gaming experience for many people. We can all see the shockwaves that were sent through the media, Snapchat blew up with people posting their victories and Youtube content creators switching gears to capitalize on the boom of Epic Games’ hit of a video game.

Personally, I find trends are such a drag to keep up with. You could spend hours on end prepping an outfit, accessories, and the like and be called a ‘dead meme’ or ‘irrelevant’. You can just think about it and feel small, invisible eyes looking at you and wishing you wore something less ‘weird’.

Pop Culture in General has become more and more of a juggernaut in recent years, and it probably won’t stop. From the nostalgia boom of recent years, to the newest albums hitting the shelves Pop Culture media will never stop creating the next big thing.