Senior wins second state wrestling title

Ryan Purnick, Staff Member

Jacob Moran has had wrestling in his blood since he was four years old.  Although he hated the sport at a young age, he decided to continue with it and has not stopped since.

“You see babies and kids wrestling around with each other at a very young age without knowing what they are doing,” Moran said.  “So to me, it’s just the simplest, most pure sport out there.”

Moran believes that wrestling is more than just a sport.  “It teaches responsibility, discipline, and so much mental toughness,” Moran said  “Wrestling is an individual sport, but takes much more than one person to put together a successful career.”

Throughout his wrestling career, Moran trained year round so that he was always at his peak performance.  He goes to national tournaments throughout the summer so that he is ready to be at the top of his game as soon as high school wrestling begins.  

Before matches Moran feels that it is important to relax and keep his mind off of wrestling.  He always has nerves but is able to control them in a way that allows him to perform at his best.   

“[Relaxing] helps me stay calm and perform to my best abilities without getting nervous,” Moran said.

Moran could not have finished his high school wrestling career at a higher place but the road to get there was not easy.  In round one of the state finals Moran wrestled the number four kid in the state, Cole Ross. He was able to pull out a win and continued on in the bracket.  

“I knew he was a shorter, stronger kid.  I had wrestled him twice, so I knew what to expect,” Moran said.

In the second round Moran wrestled Harper Dedman, a tall sophomore from Oak Hill, and was able to come away with the victory.  After an early scramble Moran was able to come out on top by ending the match with a pin.

The semi-finals round came with Moran wrestling Ben Dalton, another sophomore from Monrovia.  Moran said his strategy was to come in on low level shots quickly and that is exactly what he did.  The match ended with a 18-3 tech fall.

Moran faced Zeke Seltzer, freshman at Indianapolis Cathedral, in the final round.  Moran had already come across Seltzer earlier in the year and had beat him. All he needed to do was beat him one more time and the state title was his.  Moran pulled out a 3-0 win against the freshman, giving him his second state title.

“I realize how fortunate I am to be able to compete in front of 16,000 fans twice.  Being able to end my career on top of the podium was unforgettable,” Moran said.

Outside of wrestling Moran enjoys being a kid.  He enjoys spending time with family and friends.  He loves video games and playing board games with large groups.

After high school Moran plans on spending one year at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.  While there, he will go to five international tournaments. Moran was given this opportunity because he was a training partner for the Cadet World Team Camp last summer.  Moran and his family both decided that this choice is the best option for him.

The summer following Moran plans on attending Indiana University where he hopes to continue his wrestling career.

“I look forward to the challenge in the Big 10 conference and making my mark on college wrestling,” Moran said.