PHS Rising Artist: Don Pablo

KwaTashea Marfo, Staff Writer

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Portage High school’s very own Ethan Fragoso, commonly known as Don Pablo, is on the rise as next top artist. Unlike most students attending the school, Fragoso does not participate in extracurricular activities provided by the school. Instead, he spends his time producing music to get away from problems he endures in his lifetime.

Fragoso was first interested in music at the age of twelve; however, it took him three years to finally pursue a career in music. Fragoso categorizes himself into two popular genres: hip hop and R&B.

“Sometimes I like to harmonize, and whatever comes to mind I integrate it with my raps,” Fragoso said.
Starting a music career is not as easy as it may sound; all artists have to start from scratch. For Fragoso, this meant starting with an app until gradually moving to a professional studio in Chicago.

With a total of six songs out on platforms such as YouTube, Fragoso is attempting to make it to platforms like Apple Music to allow larger audiences to hear his music. 

“Getting my music out there and letting people hear about it is difficult. Displaying my music on larger platforms will allow more people to hear it,” Fragoso said. “Even though I won’t be able to control how they react, it is still nice to have [their] support.”

Along with the fame and glory of the music industry comes challenges an artist has to accept in their music career, but it all depends on the artist’s interpretation of the challenges.

“Listening to other people will bring your self-esteem down, but music became my way to escape from that struggle,” Fragoso said. “I really can’t get away from it; making music is what I enjoy doing.”

Unlike most artists, Fragoso does not produce music to earn money. He produces music to prove a point to others around him.

“I like showing others what I can provide; I’m not matched up to be like anyone else,” Fragoso said. “At the end of the day, I’m always trying to get better. I know some people who have a lot of views, but they don’t have music videos. I’m the only one doing it regardless of the amount views I have.”

Fragoso’s latest song “Sicko” was published on February 8. He and his friends, Rezz and Bwise, have already received over 2,000 views on YouTube. With this being said, Fragoso is ready to return back to the studio to produce more music with Rezz and Bwise.

“There’s always new songs in the process,” Fragoso said. “So, to all [of] my fans looking forward to some new R&B songs; the R&B songs will be for the ladies, the guys don’t have to listen to it. But in general, expect some more of the same and some new.”

This is simply just the beginning for Fragoso and his music career. With the support of a larger audience, he will be well on his way to having his songs played on famous radio stations such as Power 106.3FM.