New Bus Schedules Cause Delays

Colin Mackenzie, Social Media Editor

With the 2019-2020 school year starting in full swing, students have been experiencing changes to their bus schedules and routes. However, a bus coming 20 minutes later was not ideal. 

Students have faced delays that caused their bus to come later than usual, as a result busses are late arriving to the schools at the ideal time for students.

Sierra Hernandez, a junior at Portage High School,  had several problems with her bus route on the first week of school alone.

 “My bus route changes all the time; she [the bus driver] would go through it once, then another, then the next,” Hernandez said. “She would take turns and circles until she found a way that worked for her.” 

Many students who ride the bus have come in with less than 10 minutes left before first mod starts. For some, the half hour granted is a time to grab breakfast. The bus changes have limited many students from being able to eat until their provided lunch mod, which in some cases is roughly five hours later from their arrival to school, which can cause trouble with students who are trying to focus in class.

“In the morning, if I get to school with 5 minutes to spare, then I can’t eat in the morning so I’ll be hungry until lunch.” Hernandez added. 

Afternoon bus rides home are also messed up, with drivers getting confusing schedules from having extra kids on their routes. 

Personally, my own experiences with the new bus schedules have caused my stop to be reached ten to fifteen minutes later than normal, and I’ve gotten to school after the first bell has rung.

As a solution, juniors and seniors could carpool friends to school with their license. As for younger students, they could rely on their parents and peers for a quicker route to school.

Hopefully, these issues will be resolved within the coming weeks.