That’s High School For Ya!

KwaTashea Marfo, Editor-in-Chief

In elementary and middle school, the dream of being a high schooler seemed adventurous, amusing, and important. Older family members would oftentimes reminisce upon the “old days” of their high school careers, yearning for an opportunity to relive those days, the days where there was little to no responsibility in their lives.                                             

However, they failed to tell us the most important thing about high school: high school is time consuming and so difficult to manage that in the end, you will come out an entirely different person.

Everyone has their own beliefs about high school; in many cases, people think that they will not change throughout these years. They believe that the person they were before high school will be the same person they are after, with maybe a few minor adjustments. However, they are often wrong.

High school is not a “prison” as some people would say. High school is like an emotional, time-consuming game of Monopoly. For every step taken, there are consequences. Yet, many still enjoy the game of Monopoly because it can be exciting and suspenseful. 

Similarly, that’s how high school is. High school consists of thousands of people and hundreds of classes that students will interact with for their four years.

Along with attending classes and interacting with people comes a large number of decisions students will face. All decisions have consequences, but the important thing to note is how the decisions will affect them in the long run. 

For example, students will frequently receive homework. It is up to the students to complete the homework or they will receive an F.

But as a student, it is expected to get homework. What’s not expected is for homework to pile up and numerous hours to be spent doing each assignment carefully and correctly. Personally, there aren’t enough hours in a day to sleep, eat, go to school, do homework, study, and have time to relax. 

A majority of students’ time is spent on school matters rather than their luxury time. And over time, students become stressed and lose sleep trying to excel.

This is a major problem for students because not only will they become stressed, but they may also soon take it out on others. It isn’t intentional; it’s because students are sleep deprived, and they don’t know how to handle it. This most certainly explains why many students have invested so much money into energy drinks.

Not only is homework a problem, but stress over class ranks is a problem as well. While some students get average grades and are fine with that, there are some who wish to be above average. So the students who wish to separate themselves frequently take honors and AP courses. 

While these courses we look great on college applications, students are becoming overwhelmed with the amount of work they often involve. Class ranks are preventing students from actually enjoying their high school experiences because so many hours are spent on homework. Students become so dedicated and motivated to do well that they oftentimes spend their weekends at home studying and doing homework to advance themselves.

While spending all of their time studying and taking honors classes may seem like a good idea at the moment, students may miss the carefree high school experiences such as homecoming, football games, dances, and pep rallies. As noted in the beginning, our older family members failed to tell us about all the difficult decisions that come with high school. Should an individual stay home and study or go to their school’s homecoming game? 

The choice is truly up to them, but they should choose wisely. After all, it is just high school!