Back To Virtual

PHS returns to virtual after being in the building for almost three weeks


Sophia Ramos

A computer sits open to the schoology page to start the school day from home.

Sophia Ramos, Editor-in-Chief

The Portage Township Schools decided to move the high school entirely back to virtual learning after the cases started to rise within the school. The school was set to return three weeks later on November 30 but later was changed to December 7.

Many other schools decided to shut down following Portage for a short time, but only for two weeks, unlike Portage with an original three weeks. Two weeks is the set time a student should be quarantined for after being exposed to covid, which is why the other schools decided to do so. 

Following the shut down of the high school and other high schools within the area, Portage decided to return all of the schools in the district back to virtual as well. I think Portage is right in doing so since many of the students at the high school who were exposed also had siblings in other schools in the district that could potentially be exposed. 

Portage shut down not only because of the number of students missing but also because of the number of teachers throughout the school who had either quit or retired, leaving many positions open. This period of time that is virtual is to allow students enough time to quarantine and be able to return to the school but may also be to accommodate for the large classes due to students being moved around to other classes as a result of having no teacher. 

I think it is appropriate for Portage to be closed for four weeks now to fill the teaching positions that need to be filled. Other schools are also right in staying home for only two weeks since they likely do not have as many missing teachers. I think the schools are taking into consideration the needs of the students and staff when determining a time to return to the building, depending on each district