Should Schools Stay Open?

With rising cases for Covid, should PHS return to the building?


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A picture of a Covid-19 molecule.

Laura Fick, Photography Editor

It took only three weeks, but we are back at home once again. Over those three weeks, many things went wrong here at school. Kids kept getting sick, and so did teachers. There probably should have been more precautions put in place for the return, right?

The question now is that should we have returned home? There are many downsides to returning to virtual learning, so was it the right decision? I think so.

According to, from Sept. 1 to 11-16, Porter County has been in the red zone for Coronavirus rates. Around the time we got back to school, COVID increased from 20 cases to 79 cases. An increase of 59 people. Not a lot, but alarming.

On Nov. 12, 270 cases were recorded, the highest number of cases on record. The previous number had been on Oct. 23, when kids were back in school. This cannot be a coincidence. Kids should not have had to return to school, especially with these stats in mind.

Plus, with kids back in school, teachers also have a much higher chance of getting sick as well. If I were a teacher, I would not want to risk kids coming back just for them and possibly me to get sick as well.

Another reason we should stay out is that many kids did not even come back to school originally, which means that even with the amount of kids that came back, many still got sick. With that small amount of kids being at school and still getting sick presents another risk.