Zoom or Google Meet

Kylee Conley compares Zoom and Google Meet, deciding which one is better

Kylee Conley, Social Media Editor

While being an avid user of Google Meet, I find it being my go-to. With many qualities and google extensions it constantly stays up to date. The app’s qualities consist of: meetings being secure, good quality images, meetings can be shared with up to 100,000 viewers, and you can record the chat, etc.

 I find myself using google meet more because it is what the school requires but overall I don’t really choose one over the other preference wise. I also use Google Meet more because I know how to function the app and it is what I am used to. Even with all of the nice qualities, it still has its cons just like any other app you may come across.  

Although I do not find myself using Zoom it has some nice qualities such as: quick invite, share screen, turn off video, mute everyone, etc. Both apps have similar characteristics and they both seem helpful for any kind of virtual meetings or hangouts.

Overall, I am sure it comes down to what you prefer and which one you know how to use. They both have nice features and seem reliable so the rest is up for you to decide.