Stress Put on Students Nearing the End of the Semester

How excess work and stress affects students’ mental health

Sophia Ramos, Editor-in-Chief

Nearing the end of the semester many students often have several items of business to complete along with finals and the stress of maintaining or boosting their grades. Also, during this time, teachers are trying to ensure that all material has been learned and will assign plenty of work in order to do so.

With the amount of work that students must complete at the end of the quarter they should be sure to not fall behind, or it will become very challenging for them to recover. This does not leave room for a student to be able to relax and will cause their stress to build up.

Some students become stressed when they have a lower grade in a class than what they wanted to have. The pressure of them having to make sure their work is perfect for that class and worrying about if there is enough time to raise their grade can make them feel stressed or sometimes even helpless. Sarah Torres, grade 11, adds,”I am usually a high achieving student, but with virtual learning it has become easier for me to procrastinate. Now I am realizing that my procrastination has not only hurt me, but also my teachers.”

Other students could have the grade they want, but stress about upcoming finals that could potentially affect their grade for the worse. 

During the first quarter students can feel stressed about their grades, but are then comforted by knowing that their quarter two grade will be combined with their current grade. This however is often what stresses students during the end of the second quarter since this is their final grade. 

Many students already feel anxious about taking tests and their grades while in the middle of the quarter or semester, but the pressure of knowing that you can not recover your grades after a final and having a great amount of homework will cause students to feel that there is no point in trying. 

A recent survey through Instagram showed that 65% of students feel very stressed when nearing the end of the semester, 30% of students are semi stressed, and 5% of students are not stressed at all. These results show that although you would not be able to tell, many students are oftentimes very affected by the end of the semester and have unnecessary stress put onto them.