From the Teachers POV

Featuring Jennifer Poncin and Sarah Cohen as they show us their pov on teaching in person and virtual students at the same time

Kylee Conley, Social Media Editor

In the past, many students have been asked about the struggles they face while participating in virtual learning and how they felt about being back at PHS during this time. However, the teacher’s perspective had never fully been expressed. Sarah Cohen and Jennifer Poncin took the time to let us step into their shoes to fully understand the struggles they face daily and how they handle these challenges. 

After asking Poncin and Cohen what their biggest struggle was while teaching both classes, their answers were similar and not all that surprising…technology.  “My biggest challenge is being able to simultaneously project my iPad to both sets of students…the technology just isn’t there,” she then proceeds to say, “There have been so many quick advances, but just not the single most important thing that would help me,” Poncin stated.

Many teachers have different strategies while teaching both sets of students such as giving different assignments, teaching one set of students before the other, etc. However, Cohen and Poncin conduct their classes the same. They teach both sets of students as if the virtual students were in the classroom. Also, students are given the same assignments to lessen the work on the teachers and just to make things easier all around. 

While many teachers struggle with the task of teaching two different sets of students, Poncin and Cohen give advice to both teachers and students to make life easier for the PHS Family. 

Cohen advises teachers to take it one day at a time and wants to remind them that each day is a new day. 

Poncin proposes to make similar assignments for both classes.

“I advise to let go of the notion that the students are going ‘to be behind,’ the gauge by which we measure student progress right now cannot be the same as it was before covid,” Poncin said.

Both of these teachers advised students to participate and to ask questions if they have them. 

Overall, both of these teachers expressed their challenges and how they overcome them when needed. They advised both students and other teachers on how to lessen the struggle we all face daily during this crazy and unexpected time. Take this to note and make things easier on yourself and consider these as answers to your problems regarding school, don’t let these struggles drag you down, like Cohen previously said, each day is a new day.