Elearning on Wednesdays

While returning to the building for the second semester, Portage High School decides to put in place Elearning on Wednesdays

Sophia Ramos, Editor-in-Chief

With returning to the building after the New Year, Portage High School decided to have students return to the building Monday through Friday with Wednesdays being an e-learning day. Students and their guardians had a choice as to whether they wanted their students to return to the building or not.

Many students find this e-learning day very helpful as it allows them a break from going into the building and waking up early. Students throughout the week find themselves growing mentally tired and exhausted after needing to walk to each class and staying in there for a longer time than they are used to.

Being back to their daily schedule is no longer normal for students since the last time they had to follow this schedule for a long period of time was in March. Wednesdays allow students an easier transition into their normal schedule by allowing them to collect themselves and their thoughts while not losing a day of work. 

E-learning days can also stress out some students, however, and while pushing off work feel that it is all heaping up. Teachers often will assign work that they have not yet taught to start to introduce their students to new material, but many students would rather learn at school and then have Wednesdays to work on it. 

Katelyn Mitchell, grade 11, said,” I like the concept of e-learning on Wednesdays, but I think that teachers should not assign new material and instead teach us Monday and Tuesday then give work Wednesday.”

Others feel that e-learning is not helpful at all, and would rather go into the building to better understand the material they are given. Logan Remm, grade 11, added, “I would rather just go to school, I learn better.” 

Until further notice, Wednesdays are and will continue to be e-learning for Portage High School, even with differing opinions.