Best Way to Stay Focused While Working

The best ways to stay focused while unmotivated


Sophia Ramos

A chart shows the best ways one can stay focused while unmotivated.

Sophia Ramos, Editor-in-Chief

Students often find themselves unmotivated or unable to stay on task while trying to start their work for classes or while being in class. In 2014, a survey by Education Week found that only 40 percent of teachers believed that their students were highly engaged and motivated

Many students find their own unique way to help them stay on task while trying to complete an assignment. Many of these options are working with friends, drinking coffee, listening to music, watching tv and working under pressure. 

I tend to be easily distracted while trying to complete my homework and find myself scrolling through social media when I had just simply wanted to check the time. This also tends to occur when I put on my TV while trying to do work; I find myself watching the show or movie instead of paying attention to what task is at hand.

While many people stay on task while they are under pressure, it is not my preferred way of completing assignments. However, I stay on task best when I am under pressure, but my work is usually not to the level that I expect it to be at. 

Many prefer to be in complete silence and distance themselves from any distractions while trying to complete their work as a poll in an AP English 11 classroom showed, two out of three students work best while isolated. I, however, get distracted by the absence of noise and find it uncomfortable to try and work. 

My favorite way to stay on task is by combining two of others’ favorite ways. I work best while listening to quiet piano music and drinking coffee since the quiet piano music is relaxing and the coffee keeps me energized. 

Many students are stressed enough with the pressure of grades and tests, but by trying some new techniques of staying focused, you can eliminate your worries of completing assignments in a timely manner by not being distracted.