Portage Students’ Favorite Holiday Traditions

Portage High School students talk about their favorite holiday traditions


Sophia Ramos

A tray of freshly baked cookies.

Sophia Ramos, Editor-in-Chief

Throughout the holiday season many Portage Highschool students celebrate their own holidays and traditions. Although this year has been heavily affected by COVID-19 many traditions have stayed the same amongst this year of abnormality. 

Many of the student’s favorite holiday traditions consist of decorating their house. Hanging Christmas lights and decorating trees have often become students’ routine while decorating their houses with family and friends. 

When asked what her favorite holiday tradition was, Payton Peele, grade 10, replied, “Hot cocoa and decorating with my mama.”

Many other common traditions amongst the Portage student body include watching Christmas movies, baking, looking at Christmas lights, and spending time with family and friends. Some of the favorite movies that students love to watch during the holiday season include’ Elf”, “The Grinch”, and “A Christmas Story”.

While many desserts are baked during the holiday season, the most popular type of dessert are cookies of all types. As Hailee Samuels, grade 11, says, her favorite holiday tradition is baking cookies. 

There are many common holiday traditions that the student body considers their favorite; just like there are also many unique holiday traditions that the Portage student body considers their favorite. Jacob Adams, grade 11, explains,” Me and my family eat this Polish thing called oplatek, it is kind of like a Jesus Wafer and we just say what we are thankful for to each other and we break off the opposite person’s wafer and eat it.”

Since many changes have occurred this year, students can always rely on their favorite traditions to keep some normality through this crazy year,