COVID-19 Vaccination

Kylee Conley’s thoughts regarding the negative and positive effects of the covid19 vaccination

A picture of the Covid-19 Vaccine.


A picture of the Covid-19 Vaccine.

Kylee Conley, Social Media Editor

After many losses, great irritation, and unlasting hope many people were on their way to give up after dealing with such a struggle as COVID. Many things have been taken from people and in this present day, nothing is certain. However, we do have hope in WHO, UNICEF, and Gavi, partners in creating the covid19 vaccination, to help create a cure for this disastrous virus and give us hope once and for all. Overall, this vaccine has proved to have its positive and negative effects and may not be the best choice for everyone. In my opinion, I believe that this vaccination should be a personal choice and not be made mandatory by the government. Throughout the article, I will provide both positive and negative effects regarding the coronavirus vaccination. 

Just like any other vaccine made and distributed throughout the United States, the covid19  vaccination has its negative effects. Before you decide that getting the shot is your best choice I would definitely recommend researching its contents. Some negative side effects that come with the shot includes: swelling and pain where the shot was injected, fever, chills, tiredness, and headaches. It has also been proven to cause allergic reactions in some people due to some of the ingredients of the vaccination. The previous reason is why I believe that the shot should not be a mandatory action. There will always be someone allergic to one of the ingredients. Just like the flu shot the COVID shot should be a preferable choice. 

Although there are some negative side effects there are also positive ones that come along with the vaccination. To start off money isn’t an issue because the shot is free, meaning anyone could get it if desired. However,  depending where you go to get the shot there could be a fee from the person who is giving the shot. After the vaccination was made there was a wide range of doubt that it could actually be effective, due to the small time slot in which the shot was created. Scientists came forward and shared that there were 6 different strains of the virus making the mutation rate low and easier to develop a vaccine. 

According to chart data, the COVID-19 vaccination is 95% effective with no serious side effects. The vaccine is made to force your immune system to make antibodies against the coronavirus, teaching the body to fight off that virus. The vaccination does not contain the antibodies of COVID-19, which means taking the vaccine can’t give a person the actual virus making it a safe action depending upon your body. 

Overall, the coronavirus vaccination has both positive and negative effects just like any other distributed vaccine. Taking the shot should be a personal choice based upon your health and how your body functions. Use what you research and make the decision that will help and impact your life for the better.