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Teacher in The Spotlight: Natalie Krause

Becca Rosado, Staff Writer

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Natalie Krause is one of the new Spanish I and II teachers here at Portage High School.

natalie-krauseBefore teaching at PHS she previously taught at New Prairie High school. Where she was also the track coach.

Along with being a Spanish teacher Krause has something very interesting about her, She is sponsored by one of the most famous running shoe bands in the nation, Brooks.

Brooks is a shoe company that makes running shoes and only running shoes. There purpose to give runners good support so they don’t injure themselves.

“In order to become sponsored, you need to send in an application for a sponsorship saying how long I’ve been running, why I love running, and how active I’m still in running.” Krause said.

Brooks aren’t just running shoes Krause added. She says that anyone and everyone should get Brooks, that’s how much she loves them

“I started running in Brooks when I hurt myself running in a pair of Nikes, ever since the injury I haven’t used any of running shoe.” added Krause.

With being recognized by the company as a runner Krause gets free gifts from the company. Such as discounted shoes, free hats, gloves, and clappers.

Brooks has a contest called Inspiring Teachers. This program allows other running coaches to nominate a fellow coach to go down to the Brooks headquarters for a dinner.  Krause has been lucky enough to have to honor to be nominated for the contest. She made it all the way to the top 25.

“I’ve been the the ceremony for the contest but not as a nominee, but hopefully one day someone will nominate me here and I’ll be able to go as  nominee.” Krause said.

Krause has been running for a very long time and hopes to become one of the track coaches here at the high school in the future.

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Teacher in The Spotlight: Natalie Krause