Student in the Spotlight: Elijah Gauldin

Senior Elijah Gauldin is number one in the state for boys 60 meter dash

Becca Rosado, Social Media Editor

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Elijah Gauldin is a senior and he also happens to be the faster runner in the state right now  for boys 60 meter sprints for the indoor track season. Gauldin is not only a track runner but he was also a on the varsity football team this past year.

“This year has been a little harder,” Gauldin said, “I am basically coaching myself since [Head Coach, Mark] Harsha is more of a hurdles coach. So it has definitely been a challenge but I think I’m doing pretty good.”

Gauldin is currently hoping on making it to state for indoor and outdoor track this year. This will not be Gauldin’s first time going to state. He advanced to both indoor and outdoor state last year with his 4×4 relay team.

Gauldin is hoping that this is the year he comes home with a first place title this year in sprints.  He says with hard work and determination he’s been able to accomplish being first in the state.

“I’ve come in before school, after school to run and train,” Gauldin said. “Along with that I’ve been in the weight room everyday making sure I am at the top of my game.”

Gauldin has been a track runner for three years at Portage. However, this is his first year running alone. He’s running sprints this year rather than what he use to run which was the 4×4.  

He hopes to continue his track career in college. However, he has not yet decided the college he wants to go to.

“There is a lot of pressure on me right now though,” Gauldin said.

“It feels like someone is literally chasing me, which they are,” Gauldin said.

He says he enjoys being first but he’s never been first in a solo event so it is a like new and weird to him.

He hopes to continue to be first in the state but says it’s going to be hard.

“Right now my time is 6.8 seconds, compared to last year which was 7 something. For this upcoming meet on Saturday I hope to bring that down to 6.7 and hopefully even lower,” Gauldin said.

Gauldin wants to thank everyone that has been a support of him for the past three years, he adds that he would not be able to be number one if it wasn’t for the amazing support.

“I owe everything to God and to everyone who has ever supported me,” Gauldin said.

As well as Gauldin included that he would never have been able to get to number one without hard work and determination.

The next home indoor track meet is March 11, at the Portage High School field house.